K6 Educators Tweet Their Scoodle Jam Love

We love how teachers and students are using Scoodle Jam for ELA, math, social studes & more!

  1. Students using and loving #scoodlejam to explain a branch of govt @scootdoodle @AndyGignac @RobDurecka http://t.co/3L2zsIHB4A

    Students using and loving #scoodlejam to explain a branch of govt @scootdoodle @AndyGignac@RobDurecka pic.twitter.com/3L2zsIHB4A
  2. Working on solid figures using Scoodle Jam! Awesome app! Free on the 17th & 18th. http://t.co/8usVEhPG4S #ipadacademy http://t.co/yZCmeYFzPu

    Working on solid figures using Scoodle Jam! Awesome app! Free on the 17th & 18th.  http://scootdoodle.com #ipadacademy pic.twitter.com/yZCmeYFzPu
  3. Today first grade typed a response on Scoodle Jam to determine the point of view of a story!! AWESOME JOB CLASS!!! http://t.co/ej0wYT02yB

    Today first grade typed a response on Scoodle Jam to determine the point of view of a story!! AWESOME JOB CLASS!!! pic.twitter.com/ej0wYT02yB
  4. Want to asses students counting money? AppSmash :Scoodle Jam and Doceri  http://goo.gl/D786oH 
  5. A6 Students present & share their SJ creations live + their SJ/@Edmodo classroom wall #2ndchat @missmac100 http://t.co/K7mRoPR9fL

    A6 Students present & share their SJ creations live + their SJ/@edmodo classroom wall #2ndchat@missmac100 pic.twitter.com/K7mRoPR9fL
  6. Kinder Ss creating number combinations during Math with Scoodle Jam! @scootdoodle @APSVirginia @apscspr http://t.co/Vj7J79njpR

    Kinder Ss creating number combinations during Math with Scoodle Jam! @scootdoodle @APSVirginia@apscspr pic.twitter.com/Vj7J79njpR
  7. Uploading  #scoodlejam images to our Social Action Weebly sites. @scootdoodle #edtech #edchat http://t.co/AmZPPca5vv

    Uploading #scoodlejam images to our Social Action Weebly sites. @scootdoodle #edtech #edchatpic.twitter.com/AmZPPca5vv
  8. Visit from @scootdoodle today! 1:1 iPads w/ the limitless/intuitive new #edtech app #scoodlejam Thx @scoodlemom! http://t.co/v8kStnAyKS

    Visit from @scootdoodle today! 1:1 iPads w/ the limitless/intuitive new #edtech app #scoodlejam Thx@ScoodleMom! pic.twitter.com/v8kStnAyKS
  9. Students working in Scoodle Jam Session #gsv2020vision http://t.co/1Uka3qUAXT

    Students working in Scoodle Jam Session #gsv2020vision pic.twitter.com/1Uka3qUAXT
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In The Spotlight Pt2: Scoot & Doodle on Edu Trends that Students Love

Part 2 of Pearson Labs’ interview with our CEO & founder, Christine Egy Rose.

1. Tinkering and maker education are making a spirited comeback in classrooms internationally. Why do you think that is?

All the greatest minds have been tinkers and makers, just think of DaVinci. People always have been tinkering and making.  It’s a natural and fun way to understand how the world around us works.As we’re trying to get more students to develop a love of learning, it’s no surprise that tinkering and maker education programs are making a comeback. They’re fun and fascinating. They activate young minds and bodies. What could get a kids more excited than learning about how something functions, by tearing it apart to see the inner workings and then figuring out how it goes back together again? What’s more rewarding than making your ideas come to life in 3D and seeing what you can build when you combine different materials? We’re big advocates for this type of learning

2. You’re also big advocates of learning through play. What makes the social element an important addition to your products?

Yes, we do believe in learning through play. When you play with others, competing in games, tossing ideas around, imagining new worlds, it has a mind amplifying effect. When you interact with others inside a Scoot & Doodle product, you’re able to build on one another’s ideas, explore new ideas and new ways of thinking together, all in real-time.

3. Look into your crystal ball: what’s the next big educational trend on the horizon?

We will see more tools and materials that help teachers combine the traditional 3 Rs (reading, writing, arithmetic) with the 4 Cs (critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication.) We’ll also see more authentic assessment and ways to demonstrate how students are progressing in their non-cognitive skills.

Bonus question:

You’re headed ASU+GSV in April. Which 3 speakers or panels are you most looking forward to?

There are lots of interesting presentations, but I’m most curious to see a documentary film that will be shown here called “Most Likely to Succeed.” The doc explores our education crisis today in hopes of expanding the important conversation educators, parents, an edu-innovators need to have to prepare our kids and future generations to thrive in our innovation economy.

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In The Spotlight: Scoot & Doodle in Education

This week, our CEO and founder, Christine Egy Rose, was in Phoenix for the  ASU/GSV Summit. While there, Pearson Labs interviewed Christine about Scoot & Doodle and her thoughts on technology in education today. Here is Part I of the interview.

1. What problem is Scoot & Doodle addressing?

For generations of us, school was spent mastering the Three R’s – which basically meant consume and regurgitate knowledge. But today, as we face an increasingly complex and changing world, mastering the Three Rs is no longer enough. Kids today need to master at least 4 more crucial skills in addition to the Three R’s to participate and thrive in the future. Those crucial skills are the Four Cs – Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, and Communication, also known as the “learning and innovation skills.”

2. Why does this solution matter?

This solution matters because combining the Four C’s with the Three R’s, produces a whole learner empowered with the skills, confidence, and comfortability to work with others, to imagine and innovate new solutions, and to solve complex problems across the globe. This solution underlines the importance of being to apply and create knowledge.

3. What role does Scoot & Doodle play as part of this solution?

At Scoot & Doodle, we’re building education products where kids fall in love with learning. They happily practice and strengthen their skills in both the Three Rs and the Four Cs using our built-in tools and project based learning units. We design our learning environments to be invitingly interactive and accessible, so learning goes deeper and feels more like playing. With our easy-to-use creation and collaboration tools and content, teachers and students can easily connect their learning to things that matter to them.

4. What impact does learning this have on students’ results?

When students use our creation and collaboration products, each one of them is excited about taking on their learning assignments. They become deeply engaged in creating their knowledge, no matter their skill level. This deep level of engagement and creation translates into several things for the students:

  1. They spend more time and go deeper to demonstrate their understanding of the material.
  2. They are able to apply their knowledge in new and novel ways.
  3. They create richer more complex work.
  4. Their pride and excitement to share their learning skyrockets, because they have more control and power to express themselves.
  5. Their learning becomes personal and meaningful to them.

Ultimately, all of this results in a happy learner who feels confident and curious to address any challenge or problem he/she faces and that’s a wonderful thing. 

5.  Scoot & Doodle in 140 characters…go!

We help kids fall in love with learning + build their skills & confidence in critical thinking, creativity, collaboration & communication.

Bonus question:  If you can tell us, what’s next for Scoot & Doodle?

We’ll partner with key content providers who are committed to providing content that piques a child’s curiosity so they will go deeper into their learning. We’ll also add tools to help educators understand how children are progressing with the Four Cs.



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Watch! Intro to Scoodle Jam Webinar now on YouTube.

Screenshot 2015-01-30 17.38.33

For those of you who missed the webinar last night, it’s now available on our Scoot & Doodle YouTube Channel. Get your iPads out and follow along with cofounder Patty Chang as she walks you through how to use Scoodle Jam’s tools and CCSS-aligned content for ELA, math, collaboration, and more.

You’ll see real examples of how teachers and students are using Scoodle Jam in the classroom to deepen learning and increase productivity; how students can submit their Scoodle Jam created work directly to their Edmodo classroom and teacher; how to sync canvases to collaborate with another student on the same page; how to import photos to create stickers or backgrounds for both non-fiction and narrative based assignments; and how to manage user settings.

Next month – we have some fantastic educators and IT curriculum specialists lined up who will share how they’re powering up their classrooms and after-school programs with Scoodle Jam. You won’t want to miss these webinars. Sign up to receive details and upcoming dates.

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Join us for Intro to Scoodle Jam Training Webinars

Screenshot 2014-12-31 22.17.54



Please join cofounder and product lead, Patty Chang, Thursday (1/29) at 8pm (ET, PT and MT) to learn how to maximize Scoodle Jam’s tools and content. Participants from each time zone will learn how to use Scoodle Jam for ELA, math, collaboration, and more.

The intro sessions will be 30 minutes long and held on G+ Hangouts on Air (HOA.) You will need a gmail account to join or watch the Hangout. If you can’t make any of the session times, we will post the recorded webinar for on-demand viewing later. Patty will remain online after each session to answer questions for another half hour.

Look forward to seeing you all there!



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Join us at FETC 2015

Screenshot 2015-01-01 11.58.53

Come see us at#FETC this Thursday in Edmodo’s booth #831. Our product lead + cofounder, Patty Chang, will be presenting Scoodle Jam: Dive Deep into #CCSS Learning & Instruction at 930A. We’ll also be raffling off a classroom set of Scoodle Jam to a lucky school. (Retail value: $150).  The winner will be announced 1/28.

Register for a chance to win a free classroom set of Scoodle Jam* https://scootdoodle.wufoo.com/forms/raffle/

*US schools only

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Coming Soon! Intro to Scoodle Jam Webinars

Screenshot 2014-12-31 22.27.03

Join us for Scoodle Jam Training Webinars

We’re so excited about the 50,000 of you who are kickstarting the new year with Scoodle Jam in your classrooms. To help you get the most out of our content, creation, and collobaration tools, we’re holding free, half hour, “Get To Know Scoodle Jam” training sessions later this month.

The intro sessions will walk you through the app’s powerful and flexible tools. By the end of the webinar, you’ll be ready to incorporate Scoodle Jam into your daily instruction for math, English language arts, social studies, and more.

We’ll also be launching our series of educator-led webinars. In these sessions, you’ll learn first hand from your peers how they’re using Scoodle Jam to enhance classroom instruction and deepen student learning.

You won’t want to miss out on these live demos and conversations. Sign up and we’ll email you more details.

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Get Your Students Back in the Groove with a Food Truck Project

How do you get your students excited about returning to the classroom after their fun, holiday break and still meet your teaching goals? Real-world, integrated units, like our food truck project, can be an effective solution. In “Mobile Feast”, students team up to create a food truck business that will be a hit in their community. In the process of creating their new business, students will engage in authentic problem solving, persuasive writing, creative design, critical analysis, and role playing as discerning customers and entrepreneurs.

The project comes with nine, built-in templates, a free lesson plan, and additional math & ela activities for classroom use.

Screenshot 2015-01-05 23.35.01

You can find the food truck project inside Scoodle Jam under Templates>Projects>Mobile Feast.

As an extra timely bonus, check out this week’s Newsela story, Funky Food Truck Pulls up In Kabul.

We’d love for you to share your classroom’s food truck stories with our community when you’re done. Email us at blog@scootdoodle.com and we’ll post them.

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Kickstart 2015 with Scoodle Jam


Happy New Year!

As we enter 2015, we’re excited to be working with all of you to make this year an extra special year of learning, creation, and collaboration that will inform and inspire the way we teach and the way our kids learn using technology.

One of our new year’s resolutions is to rev your iPads into high gear and get your students in creation and collaboration mode with Scoodle Jam.

Here are 3 places to get your Scoodle Jam engines hummin':

1. Check out our tutorial videos overview video
We’ve created four short, focused primers and an overview video to help you use Scoodle Jam for ELA, Math, Informational Text Writing, and Project-Based Learning.

2. Read through our educator guides
Our educator guides provide a simple, step by step walk through of Scoodle Jam’s creation tools, templates, and projects and how to use them.

3. Follow our blog
We’ll be sharing lesson and project ideas to inspire you, content to expand your minds, and stories from the classroom written by our community of teachers, tech specialists, and parents. We’d love to hear how you’re using your iPads and Scoodle Jam to teach and engage your students in their learning. Please email blog@scootdoodle.com if you’d like us to share your stories.

Our team is here to help with your questions, extra support needs, training. Please email me directly to get in touch.

Looking forward to hearing from and meeting many of you in person this coming year.

Cheers and Happy 2015!

Patty Chang
Co-founder & Teacher Success Coach

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3 Activities to Keep Students Engaged Before the Break

With just two days left before winter break begins, how can you keep your students engaged in their lessons and still embrace their excitement for the holidays? Here are a few of our favorite winter themed activities to get your students’ critical and creative thinking juices going with Scoodle Jam.


Screenshot 2014-12-17 19.21.03

 Write An Acrostic Poem

An acrostic poem features a topic idea running down the left  side. Each letter of the topic word begins a line of text, which can be a single word or multiple words,  that describe the topic word. For example, snowflake.

For extra fun, have students sync their canvases using their  Edmodo accounts to create an acrostic poem together.

Design & Sell A Holiday Sweater or T-shirtScreenshot 2014-12-17 17.17.22

Partner students up with a buddy to design a holiday shirt or sweater. Have students combine stickers, photos, and their drawings to create their designs. Get a headstart and upload Scoodle Jam’s T-shirt template found in Templates>Starters>Get Creative.

Have students price their designs, set up a mock sales booth, and take turns role playing customer and vendor. This activity is a great way to have students apply their math skills in a real-world way.


Collaborative Storytelling

Start your students with a writing prompt like, “On a cold winter day, my best friend and I were building a snowman when suddenly…” In this writing unit, have each student take turns writing a line of the story, building on each other’s thoughts. To help differentiate the writers, have each student choose their own color to write in. Extra points for adding illustrations to the story.

Screenshot 2014-12-17 19.21.22


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