3 Activities to Keep Students Engaged Before the Break

With just two days left before winter break begins, how can you keep your students engaged in their lessons and still embrace their excitement for the holidays? Here are a few of our favorite winter themed activities to get your students’ critical and creative thinking juices going with Scoodle Jam.


Screenshot 2014-12-17 19.21.03

 Write An Acrostic Poem

An acrostic poem features a topic idea running down the left  side. Each letter of the topic word begins a line of text, which can be a single word or multiple words,  that describe the topic word. For example, snowflake.

For extra fun, have students sync their canvases using their  Edmodo accounts to create an acrostic poem together.

Design & Sell A Holiday Sweater or T-shirtScreenshot 2014-12-17 17.17.22

Partner students up with a buddy to design a holiday shirt or sweater. Have students combine stickers, photos, and their drawings to create their designs. Get a headstart and upload Scoodle Jam’s T-shirt template found in Templates>Starters>Get Creative.

Have students price their designs, set up a mock sales booth, and take turns role playing customer and vendor. This activity is a great way to have students apply their math skills in a real-world way.


Collaborative Storytelling

Start your students with a writing prompt like, “On a cold winter day, my best friend and I were building a snowman when suddenly…” In this writing unit, have each student take turns writing a line of the story, building on each other’s thoughts. To help differentiate the writers, have each student choose their own color to write in. Extra points for adding illustrations to the story.

Screenshot 2014-12-17 19.21.22


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Join the conversations @EdcampSV this Saturday

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 12.29.40 PM 

We’re looking forward to all the conversations at Edcamp Silicon Valley tomorrow.
We love that educators set the day’s agenda at the start of the conference. An edu-awesome way to get to the heart of issues and ideas that are top of mind.

If you can’t attend tomorrow, but have an issue you’d like discussed, email us and we’ll throw it in the pot.

As one of the proud sponsors of the event, we’ll be giving away some fantastic prizes in the raffle, so make sure to keep your ears tuned for Scoot & Doodle. A special thanks to our game-changing Ambassadors @alicekeeler @catlett1 @sampatue @kylepace @JaimeVanderG @greasonj for helping us come up with the give-aways.


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Come visit us at ISTE 2013

We’re en route to San Antonio for #ISTE2013. If you’re going too, stop by and demo our realtime collaboration studios on G+ Hangouts & the iPad, learn about our new Ambassador Educator Program and grab a coffee, some treats & a little scoodle shwag. We’ll be in the Exhibit Hall, Meeting Room #2, Monday & Tuesday from noon – 1:30p and 4-5:30p. Look for our orange “Get Creative Together” banner.

We’ll also be at #EdTechWomen Dine & #Martini Monday with Edcanvas, Showbie & SmarterCookie. Looking forward to reconnecting with Alison Anderson and Amy Lin at these events and making new friends. If you see us around ISTE and can’t make the any of these events, please stop us to say hello. Here’s a photo of what we look like – just picture us without our Scoot & Doodle created disguises on.

Finally, it’s our first time to ISTE and San Antonio, so please share your tips & reccs on how to make the most of this cool edtech conference and the city.



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We’re Back at SXSW for a Second Year in a Row!

Scoot Doodle at SXSW

We’re thrilled to be hosting a panel at South by Southwest Interactive this year! You may remember that last year we participated in our first panel on Social Media and Young Children: Our Kids’ Futures. This time around, we’re returning to host a panel about The Future of Play. We’ll be delving into how we play, the research behind it, and what we’re doing to reshape the impact of play. Representatives from both Toy Talk and Lego will be joining us for what’s sure to be an engaging and playful discussion.

To pump up the SXSW crowd, we’ll be passing out postcards with a prompt to design a playground of the future. If you’re not attending SXSW, you can still join in on the fun!  Simply design your idea for the playground of the future at www.scootdoodle.com. Then tweet it with the hashtags #futureplay & #SXSW. We’ll be sure to RT our favorites. We can’t wait to see what you create!

Scoot & Doodle at SXSW

Be sure to follow us on Twitter (@scootdoodle) as we’ll be live tweeting from the event!

Missed what we talked about last year? Be sure to check out our blog post recapping the event.

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The Process of a Scoodle

online drawing for free

Do you utilize the scrapbook feature to improve upon your scoodles? We sure do! In fact, we’ll often receive compliments on our scoodle work and questions about how we created our scoodles.

Well, it’s a work in progress. And to show that work in progress, we wanted to share with you the stages of each scoodle.

First, we’ll stage a background scene. In this phase, we’re not too worried about specifics but instead just laying the ground work for the scene we decided to create.

Process of a Scoodle

The next phase is where we start adding more shading. See here how we begin developing the mountain by adding white, gray and black. With this shading, the mountain begins to look 3D.

Process of a Scoodle

We then carry the shading on to the rest of the landscape by adding different hues to the water, grass, and sky.

Process of a Scoodle

Next we add a focal point which, for us, obviously includes Beanies. They’re so fun!

Process of a Scoodle

Lastly, we’ll give our Beanies some flavor by adding some hair or sometimes even some clothes. For more thoughts on dressing up your Beanies, check out our blog post with advice of making your Beanies look their best!

Process of a Scoodle

What’s your process for developing scoodles? Share with us in the comments section below.

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Fan Doodles of the Week

Perhaps as you’ve been following us on our Facebook, Google + and Twitter feeds, you’ve noticed are awesome scoodles. In fact, we’ve often received compliments on work, quickly followed by, did you seriously create that on Scoot & Doodle? The answer is YES! Everything we share to our social feeds has been created by one of our awesome team members at Scoot & Doodle.

However, we wanted to take a minute to highlight some of the awesome work we’ve scene submitted to our Tumblr gallery. Below are some of our favorite fan scoodles!

One thing is for certain, this scoodler has talent!

We’re always a fan of the abstract scoodles and this one takes the cake!

Drawing Online

So maybe our Beanies do kind of look like Teletubbies. Astute observation scoodler!

Drawing Online for Free

We love how these scoodlers collaborated to share their super powers on one doodle pad! Very cool.

Draw for free online

 Want to see some other fan scoodles? Be sure to check out our Tumblr gallery and upload some of your work while you’re there!

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Scoot & Doodle for Tutoring

We recently came across an awesome resource for students and tutors at www.learnedbyme.com. It’s a site where students and tutors can connect across the world for only $15 a lesson. The tutoring is affordable, convenient, and customized to the student’s needs.
Scoot & Doodle is a great platform for tutoring as students and teachers can use the collaborative doodle pad as a whiteboard for lessons and ideas. You can use it to flesh out ideas and it’s a great tool for visual learners. We’ve seen fans use it for:

1) Math- Fans have drawn out pizzas and pies to help solve fractions or used stamps for adding and subtracting. Who says math can’t be fun?!

Tutoring Online  2) Language Arts- We seen class rooms develop collaborative scenes from books to show comprehension and creativity. It’s a great way to show understanding and communicate themes on a deeper level.

Tutoring Online

3) Foreign Language Studies- Nothing helps learning a foreign language better than visual ques. Instead of saying fromage equals cheese, why not draw it out?

french tutoring online

Have you used Scoot & Doodle for tutoring? If so, how? Share with us in the comments section below.

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Create a Valentine’s Day Card Online!

Forget the card this year? No worries! Scoot & Doodle has you covered with easy to create Valentine’s Day cards the one you love will cherish. After all, homemade cards mean so much more!

Below are some of our favorite Valentine’s Day card creations.


If you’re away from your loved one, why not create a collaborative card together? We’d love to see it! Be sure to submit it to our Tumblr gallery and we’ll share our favorites on our Google + and Facebook page!

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How to Draw Awesome Characters with Beanies

Beanies on Scoot & Doodle

Aren’t the Beanies just adorable? No, seriously…they’re really too cute. If you have been using our Beanie stamps but if are looking for some ways to make them more characterized, we have some cool ways to punch up your Beanies with some cute designs.

1) It’s all about the hair!

Hair on the Beanies!Go crazy with some long locks! Add highlights, lowlights, and some crazy flair. A little bit of hair adds a lot to a Beanie’s personality!

2) No nudity!

Add clothes to your Beanies!Are your Beanies at work? At the store? Or out for a run? Whatever they’re doing, you better make sure they’re properly dressed!

3) Don’t forget the props!

Add Props to your Beanies!

A simple hat, purse or an umbrella can tell quite the story. Who is your Beanie and what do they hold?

How do you add character to your Beanies? Share with us in the comments section below?


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Scoodle Inspiration!

Scoodle Inspiration!

Feeling a bit silly? Why not take a cue from Walt Disney and create the impossible on Scoot & Doodle!  For example, mabye we live in a world where our heads turn into apples & acorns?

Okay, this creation is a bit ridiculous. But, it’s pretty fun making Beanie’s with different heads. And by pretty fun…I mean, we’re having a blast over here!

If you don’t believe us, try it out yourselves! We want to see the most ridiculous, impossible creation using two of our stamps. Once you’re done, share it to Google + with the #scoodle or share it to our Tumblr Gallery. We’ll share our favorites with our fans!

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