How creative are you?

If you’re like me, you probably shrug this question off and say, not very. Creativity is reserved for those talented, artsy-musical types.  But if you really thought about it, you’d surprise yourself with how creative you are, every day, coming up with solutions to make your life easier. Take a minute to think about the last thing you did to get to work quicker, make teeth-brushing fun for your kids, answer a question you didn’t know the answer to. See? You are creative.

But how important is creative thinking for ourselves and for our kids? Researchers are finding that a child’s CQ score, how well he/she thinks creatively, and not their IQ score, is a much better predictor for how well the child will do later in life. The Torrance Test of Creative Thinking is the standard test given to measure a person’s CQ. Part of the 90 minute test includes drawing activities like the one below.

Test your creativity: Take 5 minutes to create a picture from the incomplete line drawings on the left or right side of the center line. Or take 10+ minutes and do both sides. Have your kids do the activity too, it’s not just for grown-ups. Afterward, compare your creations with the ones analyzed by two well- known creativity scholars.

*This drawing activity was created by Scholastic Testing Service, Inc for the Newsweek story, “The Creativity Crisis In America” by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman 






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